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i’m giving it all to you


Just read an Oz Comic Con post where it said, “Jason Dohring hinted that we might hear something about a second movie in the next six months.” 


i can’t handle this.  it needs to be confirmed. now.


Logan x casual wear

Was looking for belt buckle pics (don’t ask), but this will do quite nicely instead.

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 ”It’s the rare show that can make a character do something that really, genuinely surprises you — and have you believe wholeheartedly that the character’s actions make complete sense. Nowhere is this aspect of the show’s considerable charms more evident than in the character of Logan Echolls [the excellent Jason Dohring], Lilly’s volatile ex-boyfriend and Veronica’s nemesis, who starts off seeming like your stereotypical cocky mean rich kid and gradually becomes one of the most fascinating, unsettlingly appealing characters on the show. (X)

crying because this is so trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

aslo bc the2nd and last gif are basically the reason why we cant have nice things #look at his face #you can actually hear his heart shattering #please call 911 for me


Dick the bodyguard II


Dick the bodyguard I